The second DIGITAL LAB.IN has been announced: IT celebrities are coming to Labin again this year

Published by: Milan Pavlović



After tourism, IT should be the ‘next big thing’ that will happen to the Istrian
economy. Domestic IT specialists have entered the scene a few years ago, and to
this day they have struggled using their knowledge and skills to become equal to
world specialists.

Istria is increasingly becoming a venue for exciting and globally recognizable
events attended by top experts from around the world.
One of the events that bravely and strongly stepped onto the big stage last year,
and is returning this year with a second edition is the Digital conference,
which was designed and launched by the creative team of Lloyds Design and
graphic design company from Labin.

The second edition of the extremely interesting Digital conference, also
called by many the best small digital conference in the region, will take place on
September 27th and 28th in Labin.
According to the organizers, this year’s conference will bring together top
specialists of the local and world technological scene, and design, development
and digital business in general will be discussed. The scale is not only being
retained but also rising to a higher level this year, for instance, it has already been
announced that visitors will have the opportunity to participate in five workshops
and listen to 12 speakers during the two September days.

The conference will bring together celebrities, some of the world’s largest
companies, award-winning web agencies and leading Croatian IT companies.
The arrival in Labin has already been confirmed by the digital product designer
Kene Udeze from Amsterdam, who works for the world’s largest online booking
platform, Harry Roberts from Css Wizardry, Gerard Sans from AWS
and Mario Šestak from the Croatian digital innovation company Bornfight, and local
forces will speak as well, namely Ricardo Čerljenko and Mateo Hrastnik from Lloyds

The conference program is divided into two days. The first day is reserved for
acquiring new knowledge in the form of workshops, which will be held by top
domestic and international experts, while the main part of the program will take
place on the second day of the conference, when participants will have the
opportunity to hear some of the world’s IT celebrities speak and learn about the
latest trends in development and web design.