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The applications for an important event in the ICT & tech industry are open

Digital Labin 2020 is a two-day ICT conference gathering the leading national and global web designers, mobile application and software solution programmers. The new edition of the conference will be held in Labin for the third year in a row, in Franko Mileta sports hall, on the 25th and 26th September 2020, while all those who are interested can already book their seat at the conference. 

There is no expiry date on dreams

Organiser of this international information technology event is the company Lloyds-Design d.o.o. from Labin which is currently one of the leading IT companies from Istria, with its registered office in Labin, the city with a rich mining and industrial tradition. Labin is a small medieval Mediterranean town located at an altitude of 320 meters with one side overlooking the Kvarner Gulf and the island of Cres, while the other one has a view of Plominska gora and Učka. A look at this year’s edition of the Digital Labin 2020 international information technology event gives one a similar impression, which, apart from professional education lectures and workshops, also includes ample networking and an unforgettable after-party in its programme. 

Stories and people whose knowledge is changing the world

Fifteen high ranking ICT & Tech experts and lecturers from Croatia and the world will talk about the need and importance of new digital knowledge in the IT area and the area of design, interface design and development in their professional education lectures, focusing on front-end and mobile-first approach and their application in a business environment by sharing best practices and knowledge in the field of technologies. The first day, Friday 25th September, unlike Saturday, is dedicated to workshops on newest technologies and trends where lecturers will analyse best practices from the IT sector with lecturers, reassess solutions and share programming and design advice. 

In the previous 2019, the conference was visited by more than 400 participants, which marked an attendance increase of 100 % within a year. Some of the conference’s speakers were Harry Roberts – Front-end Architect and Engineer at, Merlin Rebrović – UX Designer at Google, Enkelejd Zotaj – Executive IT Director at Raiffeisenbank Hrvatska, Sanja Tubak –  Production Design Manager at Infobip, Mario Šestak – Web Design Manager at Bornfight, Kene Udeze – UX Designer at, Thomas Lichtblau – Co-founder and Lead Designer at WILD and many others. The conference’s significance is further affirmed by the support from numerous national and global companies and media, such as Netokracija, Build in Amsterdam, Dogstudio, Smashing Magazine, Prototyp, Infinum, Infosit, CMG, Neutralab and others. 

Next stop: Digital Labin 2020

This year’s 2020 issue brings certain changes. The conference shall be divided into two separate tracks – Design and Experience track for which the lectures will be held at the Hangar Arena and Dev and Data track located in the Mine Hall. The Hangar Arena will cover topics like user experience and interface design, progressive front-end programming and cutting edge software and mobile programming, while the novelty is the opening of a new track and hall with a seating capacity of 150 called Mine Hall Dev and Data, where the lectures are primarily intended for hardcore programmers, back-end programmers, advanced web and design programmers, architects and computer engineers. 

Some of this year’s lecturers are Daisy Potfer – Co-founder of Immersive Garden, Vanja Bertalan – CEO of HUMAN company and many others whose names shall be revealed on the official web pages of Digital Labin 2020. Follow Digital Labin 2020 on the social network Facebook, LinkedIn profile, Instagram profile and Twitter for more information and prize contests

Early applications at affordable prices last until 1st March with special benefits for groups and students, regardless of the promotional ticket price. The number of tickets is limited so be sure to choose the right ticket today and join the Digital Labin 2020 conference.